Survivors Ready Episode 3: Week 4

Tonight we talk about the switching of teams into three new teams. We discuss how this will effect the David and Goliath team members. Will Goliath members win the day or will they finally send one home? We are joined in this episode by Chris from TN.

Survivors Ready Episode 2: Week 3

Tonight we are joined by Survivor savant, Evan Ayres who is a regular on RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap.  He seems to be more of a fan of Survivor than Fatty and Adam combined and was a great addition to the episode.  We talk about week three and the clash of Natalie and Jeremy.  Who will

Survivors Ready Episode 1: Week 1 and 2

In tonight’s episode we are joined by Chris from Tennessee.  We give everyone an overview of our thoughts on the new cast and the premise of David VS Goliath.  We also talk about both weeks one and two and let everyone know who we think are the hottest guys this season.

But First Episode 13: Season 20 Final

Tonight is the last episode of But First for this season.  We will be back for Celebrity Big Brother in February.  We are joined tonight by ALL of our previous cohosts for one big group session.  We talk about who won, who should have won, our favorites and more.

But First Episode 12: Season 20 Week 13

This week we talk about 2 different evictions for the week and whether or not level 6 makes it to the final three.  We also discuss the final 3 HOH competition beginning and have some spoilers.  Find out who WE think will win.  We are joined again by crush of the show Alex LeFevre.  (

But First Episode 11: Season 20 Week 12

On tonight’s episode, we discuss the double eviction episode from last week. The first eviction was between Hayleigh and Sam, and the second eviction was between JC and Sam. But, there was a surprise back door. We are joined by Archer from

But First Episode 10: Season 20 Week 11

Tonight, we discuss the POV competition. Who will win this crucial POV? Will Hayleigh or Scotty be saved? Who will see the jury house this week? We also discuss eliminations, HOH competition and welcome our special guest, Chris from TN.

But First Episode 7: Season 20 Week 8

The audio is not good on this episode. You may want to turn down the volume to avoid painful distortion. We talk about Rockstar’s stupidity, the last hacker week and the new HOH. We are joined by Fey Driver. Fey’s Website: