But First Episode 5: Season 20 Week 6

Tonight we discuss Bailey’s nominations, Rachel’s blow up , and who gets evicted. We also discuss Angela’s HOH, noms, and Hacker competition. We are joined by Mike Lawson. You can find Mike at https://catchinguppodcast.com.  

But First Episode 4: Season 20 Week 5

This week we discuss Sam’s nominations, and if she is indeed a lady. We also discuss the veto competion, eviction and the first use of a power app. We also cover the new HOH and their nominees. We are joined by special guest Alex Lefevre.  You can find him at alexlevefremusic.com.

But First Episode 3: Season 20 Week 4

In tonight’s episode, we are joined by Pride48 listener/member MooseP. We talk about Scottie’s HOH, the Bro’s reaction and final elimination of one of them. We also talk about the rise of Sam as a new HOH, JC’s game play, and the contest. Have YOU selected your four???  Do it now!!

But First Episode 2: Season 20 Week 3

In tonight’s episode, we are joined by Paul (aka Archerr), a well known LGBT podcaster. You can find his show at www.archerr.com. We talk about last week’s veto and backdoor attempt, the new HOH, and plenty of spoilers. We also introduce a new game.

But First Episode 1: Season 20 Week One

In this episode, Adam and Fatty introduce themselves and the concept of the show.  We go over the cast and our likes and dislikes for each one.  We also talk about strategy and who we think are really playing the game at this point. We also cover the various HOH competitions in the first two