But First Celebrity Episode 3: Season 2 Days 4-6

On tonight’s episode, Adam is joined by Chris from TN to discuss Friday’s twist and eviction, Sunday’s HOH competition and Monday nights, Veto and eviction.

There is a LOT to cover and only two hosts to break it down for you. Fatty is off checking his plumbing or something, which gives Adam a chance to tell another personal story.

Survivors Ready Episode 2: Week 3

Tonight we are joined by Survivor savant, Evan Ayres who is a regular on RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap.  He seems to be more of a fan of Survivor than Fatty and Adam combined and was a great addition to the episode.  We talk about week three and the clash of Natalie and Jeremy.  Who will make it to the  end?

You can find Evan on his other show at http://www.dragracerecap.com.

But First Episode 12: Season 20 Week 13

This week we talk about 2 different evictions for the week and whether or not level 6 makes it to the final three.  We also discuss the final 3 HOH competition beginning and have some spoilers.  Find out who WE think will win.  We are joined again by crush of the show Alex LeFevre.  (www.alexlefevremusic.com)