But First Celebrity: Episode 6 – Finale

Tonight, in our finale recap of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, the final 5 battle it out. Will Kandi, Dina, Ricky, Tamar or Lolo make it to the finale 2 and who will win it all. We find out who is America’s favorite and crown the winner of our game

We are joined tonight by all of our returning cohosts, including Alex Lefevre, Chris from TN, and the Fey Driver.

But First Celebrity Episode 3: Season 2 Days 4-6

On tonight’s episode, Adam is joined by Chris from TN to discuss Friday’s twist and eviction, Sunday’s HOH competition and Monday nights, Veto and eviction.

There is a LOT to cover and only two hosts to break it down for you. Fatty is off checking his plumbing or something, which gives Adam a chance to tell another personal story.